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You can enjoy Manchester City vs Leicester live stream. This is one of the most exciting football teams around the world. With the likes of Aguero and De Brayune in the team. They possess some serious threat that could dismantle any defence in the world. Manchester City is taking on Manchester United next so you can watch Man United vs man city live stream here. Please note links will appear around 30 mins prior to kick-off.


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With four Premier League titles, three League Cups, five FA Cups, and single Cup Winner’s Cup, Manchester City FC stand as one of the most successful English clubs in the history of the sport. Along with their glorious achievements, City has a fair share of lows alike other Mancunian rivals. While their history stands at the peak in English football, they are the only team to be relegated the very next season after being the English champions.

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You can enjoy Manchester City vs Leicester City free streaming, Manchester City was founded in 1880, under the name of St. Mark and his daughter, Anna Connell. The city was first known by the name Gorton FC and Ardwick AFC for a short span. In 1894, the club changed its name to current name, Manchester City FC. The club’s transcendence to Manchester City FC came as a result of moving to Dyde Road, which saw City became the most popular club in the city. City garnered a tremendous fan following and the rise in spirit was spotted in their game as well. In 1899, City was promoted to the First Division.

In 1904, the club won its first trophy, FA Cup, shortly afterwards 17 of City’s squad were suspended due to allegations of ill financial behaviour. The suspension led one of City’s legend, Billy Meredith move to their arch-rivals Manchester United where he won two league trophies. Due to a fire which destroyed the most of Hyde Road, City then moved to Maine Road in 1923.

In 1934, City won their much-awaited second FA Cup trophy. Along with the win, City began to grow more and more popular in England. During a sixth-round fixture against Stoke City, City made history with the spectators counted in 84,569. In 1937, the club won its first ever First Division trophy and scored 100 goals during the season.

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Next three decades after the 30s, City only managed to win a single FC Cup, an era which is regarded as the worst in the club’s history. In 1965, Joe Mercer took over City as its manager. During Mercer’s six years at the club, City won a First Division title, English Cups and a Cup Winner’s Cup. The next decade, City again tasted a long walked period of mediocrity, winning a single League Cup in the 70s.

Manchester City began to gather momentum in the 1998-99 season. The season City climbed to the First Division and managed to go straight to Premier League from Division One. The following season, City were relegated to Division One and finished first that season. After which, City established itself as a Premier League team.

From 1923-2003, Maine Road was City’s home. In 2003, City the club built a new home with a much bigger capacity.

A New Era – Era of Dominance

In 2008 Abu Dhabi billionaire Sheikh Mansour took over Manchester City and a new era began at the club. With Sheikh Mansour, City had hands on the transfer market, singing many big names. Within five years of Mansour’s regime, City spent well over £500 millions on big names. Mansour’s influence displayed a new name for the City’s home ground, which was changed to Etihad Stadium in 2011.

With big names in the team, City returned to their glorious days. The club won Premier League, League Cup titles, and one FA Cup in the following period. In the 2017-18 season, City won the Premier League title with 100 points, becoming the first ever Premier League team to managed 100 points a single season. City grabbed the feast under manager Pep Guardiola, which was the name behind FC Barcelona’s glorious years in 10s.

Basic Facts
  • Founded: 1880
  • Country: England
  • City: Manchester

Home Grounds

  • Clowes Street (1880-1881)
  • Kirkmanshulme Cricket Ground (1881-1882)
  • Queens Road (1882-1884)
  • Pink Bank Lane (1884-1887)
  • Hyde Park (1887-1923)
  • Maine Road (1923-2003)
  • Etihad Stadium (2003-)

Trophy Haul

  • First Division/Premier League: 5
  • FA Cup: 5
  • League Cup: 6
  • UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup: 1